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Article Study Group - Thursday September 20 @ 7pm at the Center -  What the Buddha Taught

Exploring the Sacred - Thursday, Oct. 4@6pm at the library - The Meaning of Death

A SONG OF FREEDOM - Meditation, Compassion and the Essence of Mind
Weekend Retreat with Khenpo Kunga - Steamboat Springs - October 12-14, 2018


Online Study Opportunities -

The Joy of Living - Calming the Mind - this remarkable 6 week online meditation training is authentic and completely accessible. These teachings, from Mingyur Rinpoche, are the basis of our training at The Buddhist Center. The next course starts on October 10. Registration is now open.

Vajrayana Online - Vajrayana Online is a remarkable online learning program that offers practical teachings on the full range of Buddhist thought and practice, as well as individual guidance from senior Tibetan lamas and meditation instructors and the opportunity to connect with a global community of meditators. Mingyur Rinpoche is actively involved with this program, offering both live and recorded teachings.

Greeting to the community from Mingyur Rinpoche - Here 

Please help support of lineage teachers who have inspired and guided our community for the past 20 years - Here

Inside our website, you’ll learn all about our community: our monthly calendar, our practices and activities, as well as information about our spiritual lineage, a guide to finding Buddhist related resources in the internet, and some lists of recommended readings. You’ll also find many recordings of our Monday night teachings, as well as a number of great podcasts and articles and video clips to stimulate your mind and open your heart. (see menu above) These are all free to anyone who wants to follow along with us at a distance. Most importantly, you’ll find a curriculum of study, complete with talks, articles, and recommended readings to help you as you move along the path of study and practice. Finally, you can learn how to join our community.

“Refrain from causing harm,
Foster all that is virtuous,
And thoroughly tame your mind
These are the teachings of the Buddha”