Traditional Tibetan Buddhist Prayer Flags

A wonderful way to beautify your world and support the center

Nothing evokes the spirit of Tibet and its people more vividly than the sight and sound of prayer flags blowing in the wind.

For centuries Tibetans have placed prayer flags around their homes, at sacred sites, near monasteries, and on mountain passes, as an offering to the enlightened ones and as a prayer for the benefit of all beings. As these prayers are carried into the wind, the blessings of the Buddha's teachings are evoked, auspicious circumstance is created, and obstacles of all kinds are diverted. The central image of the 'Wind Horse', symbolizing upliftedness and confidence, is surrounded by the sacred prayers and mantras of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition. The five colors represent the five wisdom qualities of enlightened mind.

Each flag is block printed by hand by monks, as they have been for centuries, at the site of one of the great holy places in the Himalayas.

These are offered for sale at the center on Monday nights.  We could send one to you too!

Horizontal Prayer Flags -  5ft - $12 (no tax required)
                                      -  25ft - $29
                                      (please add $5 for shipping)

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Hand crafted in Nepal for The Buddhist Center