Ngondro Resources

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     Mingyur Rinpoche’s lovely teaching of the ‘Kagyu Lineage and Guru Yoga’ - here

        Precious guru, I pray to you:
            Bless me that I may let go of this mind that fixates on self.
            Bless me that renunciation may take birth in my being.
            Bless me that unspiritual thoughts may come to an end.
            Bless me that I may realize my own mind to be unborn.
            Bless me that delusion may be pacified right on the spot.
            Bless me that all apparent existence may dawn as dharmakaya.

Any attempt to capture the direct experience of the nature of mind in words is impossible. The best that can be said is that it is immeasurably peaceful and, once stabilized through repeated experience, virtually unshakable. It’s an experience of absolute well-being that radiates through all physical, emotional and mental states - even those that might ordinarily be labeled as unpleasant.
— Mingyur Rinpoche