Mahamudra Resources

These are the key pointing out instructions:

Stillness, movement and awareness - this is the preliminary introduction before the ‘4-fold’ pointing out introductions:

Here is an excellent guided meditation on Stillness, Movement and Awareness

Introduction #1 - All phenomena come from mind

Here’s Mingyur Rinpoche’s introduction to the first Introduction

Here’s an excellent guided meditation script on this first pointing out - Here

Here’s an excellent discussion with Mingyur Rinpoche distinguishing ‘experience’ in meditation and realization - 3 min.

Introduction #2 - Mind is emptiness
Introduction #3 - Emptiness is spontaneous presence
Introduction #4 - Spontaneous presence is self-liberated

If you haven't already, check out the 'Mahamudra Course' on Vajrayana Online. It is now running and can be engaged at your own pace. To learn more about the course and the prerequisites for taking part go - Here

“There is no need to alter the mind. It is naturally pure.
Don’t control it. Don’t release it. Leave it as it is.”