Day-long Meditation Retreat
At the Buddhist Center of Steamboat Springs
Sunday, October 13, 9am-5pm

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On Sunday, October 13, we'll be holding a day of meditation. Tim will share a few practice tips, and some key instructions from the lineage, but this will primarily a time to go deeper in our practice. There's no better way to deepen our meditation practice than to gather with friends for a day of practice like this.  The Buddha said that the power of our meditation practice is multiplied when we come together like this. 

Join us for a day dedicated to deepening our understanding and experience of meditation. This retreat is perfectly suited and open to anyone with an established meditation practice, regardless of their faith, or level of experience. 

Suggested Donation $25

For more information contact  Marchele - marchelemccarthy@hotmail.com

We don’t need to look outside of the present moment to find inner peace and contentment; when experienced with awareness, everything becomes of a source of joy.
Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche