Here’s how you can help

Support the Buddhist Center

It’s only through your generosity that we can do what we do - we can come together as a gathering of friends to study and practice the path, and contribute to the larger Steamboat community and to our friends around the world. Many of our members support the the community through a monthly pledge.  Your donations and pledges help us plan a meaningful, long-term schedule of teachings and events.

The Karuna Fund

On the first Monday of each month many of us choose to forgo dinner and donate the cost of that meal to the Karuna (compassion) Fund.  This tradition honors the austerities practiced by the Buddha and generates funds that we’ve donated to a number of worthwhile local organizations such as......

The nuns of Tsoknyi Nuns of Nepal

Our teacher and friend Tsoknyi Rinpoche is dedicated to support Tsoknyi Gechak Ling home to 23 adult nuns, and 80 young ones under the age of 9 years old, who have arrived from the remote border region between Nepal and Tibet. There is a waiting list of over 100 girls from all over Nepal that want to join the nunnery. Our support will help the nuns in their daily lives, providing food, clothing, books, fuel and medical care.

Buy a prayer flag to support the Center

Nothing evokes the spirit of Tibet and its people more vividly than the sight and sound of prayer flags blowing in the wind. For centuries Tibetans have placed prayer flags around their homes, at sacred sites, near monasteries, and on mountain passes, as an offering to the enlightened ones and as a prayer for the benefit of all beings.

                                                            Our Prayer flag garden on Emerald Montain

                                                            Our Prayer flag garden on Emerald Montain